【PEQ】Industrial Drafting

こんにちは、IA Canada はトロントとモントリオールにオフィスをもつ現地留学エージェントです。

プログラム名:Industrial Drafting (1800時間)


•Custom retail display drafter / designer
•Automated packaging machine designer
•Custom tool and die designer
•Aviation product designer
•Steel detailer / checker
•Product design drafter
•computer graphic


To develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to perform, with speed and precision, using everyday drawing instruments and a computer-aided drafting workstation (CAD), drawings used in industrial applications such as mechanical manufacturing, assembly and illustration drawings; drawings, machine frames and diagramming techniques in the fields of hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical systems and for industrial interconnections

▷期間 : 約18ヵ月
▷学費 :$22,362

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